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Transportar Coche Islas Canarias

How to transport a car to the Canary Islands

To transport your car to one of the Canary Islands may seem like a tedious or complicated task, but in this blog we will analyze the main options for transporting a car from the peninsula and which one will be best for you based on your needs.

There are mainly two ways to take a vehicle to the islands: by boat or by plane.

  • On the one hand, we find sea ​​transport or by boat. This is the most used option and most accessible to everyone, but it is also the slowest.
  • On the other hand, the least used option and with a price that makes it not very accessible to all budgets, we have air Transport. This type of transport will be significantly faster than sea transport but, in most cases, the cost of the service will not make it profitable.

Below we will analyze both types of transport in more depth and for what types of situations each of them may be more favorable.

Maritime transport to the Canary Islands

In case you need transport a car to the Canary Islands and you are not in an extremely urgent situation, the sea ​​transport It is, without a doubt, your best option.

The possibilities for shipping a vehicle from the peninsula to the islands are varied and we find them from the main seaports spread across the peninsula.

On this occasion, we will deal with those ports that provide service from Andalusia to the islands since they are the ones with a shorter journey time and, therefore, a lower cost of the service. To complement this service and take the vehicle to the port, we recommend using road vehicle transport. With our service, we will collect your vehicle wherever you request it (anywhere in Europe) to deliver it to its destination within the established deadlines. You will save time and money and ensure that your vehicle will be ready to use when you need it.

The maritime routes will be made mainly to the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria since they are the ones with the highest number of boats entering per day. From here you will find multiple connections with the rest of the islands that will allow you to reach your final destination with your vehicle.

Some ports offer direct trips to the islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma, so we recommend that if the island you want to send your vehicle to is one of these, check the prices and conditions so that you can choose the best option according to your needs.

Below, we will briefly explain the most common situations in which it is necessary to transport your vehicle to the islands and our recommendations for each of them.

Transport of vehicles for change of residence

In the event that you have thought change your place of residence to one of the Canary Islands or you have already done so, perhaps you are interested in transporting and registering your personal car on the islands to be able to use it without any type of limitation.

At Car Transport Europe we can facilitate this process for you since we take care of everything from the collection of the vehicle at the place of origin, the road transport to the port of destination, from which the vehicle will be sent, and finally the processing of the necessary documentation to register the vehicle and be able to use it on the islands.

If you are interested in knowing more about our service, do not hesitate to contact our team through the following form.

Transportation for long stays

Another possible situation that we often find is that of those tourists who, without being residents, spend long periods of time on the islands. For those people who find themselves in this situation, it is advisable to analyze and compare whether it is preferable to transport your car to the Canary Islands or, on the contrary, it is more profitable to rent a car during the months that you are on the islands.

If you decide to transport your personal vehicle, you should know that it is necessary to request specific documentation to inform that your vehicle will be temporarily on the islands. Finally, it will be necessary to pay a deposit that will be returned in full upon proving that the vehicle has left the islands.

At Car Transport Europe we manage the entire process from the collection and delivery of the vehicle to the completion of all the procedures so that you can use the vehicle without any inconvenience. Likewise, once the instance is over, we will pick up your vehicle to transport it to the indicated location.

In general, the longer you spend on the islands, the more profitable it will be to transport your car and the less profitable it will be to rent one from a company. Before making a decision, it is advisable to analyze all the variables since the costs between one option and another can vary significantly.

Transport for professionals (vehicle exporters and importers)

Finally, we will discuss the transport of cars to the Canary Islands to carriers and professionals in the sector.

The cars will be picked up at the places indicated by the contractors to take them to the seaport from which they will be sent to the islands. With our collection service throughout Europe and Spain, you can transport vehicles quickly and efficiently from any corner of the continent to the seaport from which they will be shipped. Once at the port, the vehicles will be embarked for later collection on the islands.

At Car Transport Europe we offer a personalized service adjusted to the conditions of each of our clients. Tell us more about your needs and the characteristics of your operation and we will make you an offer according to them.

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Air transportation to the Canary Islands

Air transport is undoubtedly the fastest option to transport your vehicle to the Canary Islands but it will also be the one with the highest costs. The price of the service varies depending on the date and type of vehicle transported, for these reasons it is difficult to give a correct estimate of the price.

As a general rule, you should keep in mind that prices will be much higher than mixed road and sea transport but, in the same way, delivery times will be exponentially lower.

In conclusion, we recommend using this type of transportation only in those cases where it is essential to have access to the vehicle as soon as possible.

We also recommend paying special attention to the necessary permits that you must request to be able to use the vehicle on the islands, since in most cases, airlines do not process these permits.

Contact to transport your vehicle to the Canary Islands

If you are interested in transport a vehicle to the Canary Islands, you can contact us through the following channels:

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