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How to transport a vehicle from Malaga

Throughout the province of Malaga, and especially in Malaga city, the transportation of vehicles is an important market. In this blog we will look at the factors that make car transport so popular and so necessary in this city. We will also give you some tips to make it easier for you to choose between the different companies available.

The second-hand car buying and selling sector

For a number of reasons, which will be analysed in this section, the purchase and sale of vehicles second-hand goods generates a great economic impact on the city of Malaga and its surroundings. This fact generates a great demand for second-hand vehicle transport in order to transport all the vehicles or fleets that are sold every day in the city.

Among the factors that make the city one of the main points of sale and purchase of vehicles at the national level, we highlight mainly 2: tourism and the large population centre in the area.

The influence of the tourism sector on car transport

The tourism sector, and more particularly, the the driverless car rental sectorThe city has a high demand for vehicles in seasons when tourist arrivals increase. This increase in demand for vehicles generally starts at the beginning of Easter and peaks with the arrival of summer. During these months, the fleet of rental vehicles of all companies increases in large numbers, increasing the number of vehicles available for hire. demand from companies dedicated to the transport of vehicles by road to Malaga. After the end of the season, older vehicles are generally transported to the main purchase and sale points, while those that are still in a good enough condition to be rented are relocated to places with a higher demand for vehicles.

The major metropolitan area

On the other hand, the fact that Malaga and its metropolitan area make up a large population centre means that the supply and demand for second-hand vehicles is very high. Malaga is an important population centre at both Andalusian and national level and this is mainly due to the union of Malaga with the surrounding towns. Over the years, as the number of new buildings and hotels increased, the space between towns decreased until practically all the towns from Rincón de la Victoria to Fuengirola were joined together.

These facts make the city of Malaga one of the most important locations in the car buying and selling sector both at Andalusian and national level and, consequently, the need for car dealers in Malaga is increasing. vehicle transport in the city of Malaga is very high.

The demand for this service is not stable, since, as we explained earlier, there are peaks depending on the time of year.

How to choose the best option for transporting vehicles

In a service such as the car transport by road, in a market where most transfers are carried out by business-to-business (B2B) services, many doubts and uncertainties arise among those who need to make use of this service on an occasional basis.

This fact means that in many cases, companies in this sector do not work so much on their offer for single end users and focus their resources and efforts on being as attractive as possible for other companies. Mainly those mentioned above, such as car dealers or car rental companies.

This is why we recommend that you take a look at the following points before hiring a vehicle transport company:

  • Reviews from other users: It is always a good idea to check the opinion of other users who have contracted a company. Check out the previous reviews of the different vehicle transport companies you find interesting.
  • Experience in the sector: In general, the vast majority of car transport companies have a section on their website explaining the company’s route. Take a look to get to know the company a little better.
  • Is it a broker? There are many portals for car transport services. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, such companies generally offer a service that is less personalised and flexible to the needs of each user. Checking whether it is your own service or whether it is a service broker is another of the recommendations we give you before finally contracting a road vehicle transport service.

Contact to transport your vehicle to Malaga

In our blog you will find more information of interest about car transport so that the choice of the company that will transport your car is as simple as possible. If you are interested in finding out more about our service, you can do so:

  • You can contact our customer service staff by filling out our contact form.
  • By Whatsapp or by Phone on +34 685 76 30 09
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